Why our best clients are like family

July 19, 2022 in Why I'm Doing This

My role is to help business owners make more money and have an easier life...

We do this with something called the Mashup Method, a process that we developed over 30+ years of doing what we do, coaching, mentoring and when added to my skills as an accountant makes us pretty unique.

And when we help our clients it's not something we do in an hour or two or once a year, it's an ongoing relationship and starts with (and for some continues with) some intense questioning about what it is you want.

What's your goal, your dream and what's holding you back?

The Mashup Method is a process you can go through yourself, it's all summarised in my book The Business Stress Buster Blueprint - How to Grow Your Business Without the Stress, Overwhelm or Worry and continues with the video courses and our own dedicated Business Mashup online community site, which is where we hang out speaking to everyone every day.

After time, and if you qualify, you might join us as a private client and our very best clients are like family, many have been around as clients longer than some of our actual family have been on the planet,.

This is Paris our youngest and she is a self-employed games and online artist and if you have ever played any computer games, all those background graphics and scenery you see, that's the sort of stuff Paris draws!...

... and since leaving University during the pandemic, she is already running a successful business taking the same advice and following the same methods we give to all our 'family'...

If you want a copy of the book that starts your journey you can get it instantly from the link

About the author 

Kevin Whitehouse

I live in Dorset with the gorgeous Vicki, we've got 4 grown-up children, a dog called Eddie and now grandchildren...

I started my career some 30+ years ago as an accountant and still today run the practice with my awesome team helping business owners with all that compliance stuff, but my main focus is to work with ambitious business owners to help them make more money and have an easier life.

Business is tough, it's hard work, it requires dedication and if you think about it the odds are stacked against you and the pain is real.

Poor cashflow, no money, crappy clients, horrible shitty work, no profits, chasing debts, stressed, worried and overwhelmed to the point you start to wonder why, you are perhaps losing the enthusiasm and passion you once had, but now you are trapped, you can't go back and if you are anything like me, you are pretty much now unemployable, am I right?

So how do we fix this?

You could start by getting a copy of my new book, plus the most incredible free offer and all with my complete no brainer - double your money back risk free guarantee.

Once you have the book, maybe on the other side we can talk, but get the book first.