Why I started mentoring other accountants?

March 10, 2021 in Get to know us, Saving time

Who says you gotta work 5 days a week 9-5?  

Heck, some of you work longer hours and even Saturdays and Sundays, right?

Working hard is actually a good thing, there is no shame in it.

If you have a project and you need to get something done, roll your sleeves up and do the bloody work!

But what happens when the work is just the work and it becomes the routine?

What happens if you find yourself  pushing, growing your business and being stretched and pulled from every direction by clients, by staff, technology and legislation, something eventually will break.

But, it doesn't have to be like this.

With good mentoring and coaching, someone to show you the steps, help you through it, you can make some significant differences to your life, we call this personal sovereignty - doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want...

Sure you might want to or have to work, but why not build a business that allows you to choose when and what sort of work and of course at the fees you deserve.

Watch what Vicki and me have to say above, and if you want to find out more, start by getting a copy of my new book, plus the most amazing free gift that goes with it...

About the author 

Kevin Whitehouse

I live in Dorset with the gorgeous Vicki, we've got 4 grown-up children, a dog called Eddie and now grandchildren...

I started my career some 30+ years ago as an accountant and still today run the practice with my awesome team helping business owners with all that compliance stuff, but my main focus is to work with ambitious business owners to help them make more money and have an easier life.

Business is tough, it's hard work, it requires dedication and if you think about it the odds are stacked against you and the pain is real.

Poor cashflow, no money, crappy clients, horrible shitty work, no profits, chasing debts, stressed, worried and overwhelmed to the point you start to wonder why, you are perhaps losing the enthusiasm and passion you once had, but now you are trapped, you can't go back and if you are anything like me, you are pretty much now unemployable, am I right?

So how do we fix this?

You could start by getting a copy of my new book, plus the most incredible free offer and all with my complete no brainer - double your money back risk free guarantee.

Once you have the book, maybe on the other side we can talk, but get the book first.