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Kev Whitehouse
Coach, Mentor and Accountant
Vicki La Bouchardiere
Professional Executive Coach

  There comes a moment in a successful business owner's life when you realise you're working harder and harder, faster and faster and despite the fact you are seeing the rewards... 

  ...there is a constant demand on your time and the pressure to sustain and maintain what you’ve built for you and your family needs to be lifted.

   We describe this as a glass ceiling,

  something is preventing you from getting to the next level and if you choose to do nothing...

  ...then nothing will change, except perhaps maybe it will start to affect your health, relationships and furthermore you’ll start to undo all the long hours the late nights, weekends and years of hard work you’ve already invested!

  In other words…

   ...you're stuck and painfully aware of it.

  The good news is that assuming you have the determination, will and wherewithal to invest time and the money and if you meet our strict qualifying criteria you may be able to get our hands on help to coach and mentor you through to the next stage.

  To be considered as a suitable client to work with us you must be:

  • Running an ethical and moral business.
  • Committed to changing behaviours you've had relentlessly drummed into you.
  • Ambitious and determined to do what needs to be done.
  • Willing to take our advice and be coached.
  • Prepared for some uncomfortable changes.
  • Solvent and willing to invest an eye-watering sum of money to get our help.
  • Enjoy a good and sometimes warped sense of humour!

  First, this is by application only, we’ve been helping clients for a very long time and many stay with us for years and years, and so the type of person you are is important as we will spend good quality time together.

  We don’t give discounts, free advice or free consultations and our time and expertise never comes cheap.

  And yes for the right client, I still offer accounting and tax services, but it's normally as a "value added", and rarely "just an annual task", what we offer and do is un-comparable to any other accounting firm!

  We don’t hide the fact we command premium fees or that we pick and choose our clients carefully because we are fully aware of our real value and what we can do for the right client.

Important Next Steps

  If you’d like us to consider working with you, please hit the button below and complete the client application form.

  You'll need to give us a comprehensive description of your business and explain what your biggest challenges are right now, including:

  • Your name and telephone number
  • Your business name, address, and website address
  • A description of your business and the challenges you're having
  • What you'd consider to be a successful outcome of working with us
  • Over what timescale you'd like to achieve it
  • What you're prepared to invest to fix this
  • Anything else you think we should know

  Once we receive your application, we’ll review it and get back in a few days.

  Then and this is important:

  If we think you qualify, the next step is always an initial consultation to workout the specifics to get you the fastest results and we do this over Google Meet, if you don't show up for that call, your application is terminated!

  As we get to know you we might consider we are not a good fit, so don’t take offence if your application is not successful, this isn't for everyone!

  Still thinking about it?

  Great, hit the Apply Now button and let's see if we can help you

  If not, just get a copy of our book it's full of resources that you can implement yourself and you can start now:

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