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  If you run a Podcast and you are looking for some engaging, interesting, thought provoking and often sharp poking into the underbelly of anything business related I’d be happy to be interviewed by you.

  In simple exchange for me to be able to promote what we do...

Group Speaking Events

  In person or online, I love speaking. I might not be a polished, trained professional speaker doing the circuits, but I am real and with 30+ years of real work in the trenches doing this running a business thing...

  ...busting my arse like many others and finally figuring out what works and what doesn't!

 and with the right audience I can share my Mashup Method techniques and we can even pick out an element and hack into it in detail.

  In exchange for being able to promote what we do, plus any costs - nice hotel, good food, stress free travel, gifts and flowers for Vicki, and maybe a fee if it messes with my life too much, that sort of thing…

Photos of Kev on stage in Manchester & us receiving our award for innovation...

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  All you gotta do is complete ye’ little ol’ form below and your message will drop into my personal email and I’ll get back to you.

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Group Speaking Event
Kev Whitehouse

Kev set up and still runs an accountancy practice and with over 30 years experience helping 1,000's of clients has the experience and knowledge to help you

Vicki La Bouchardiere

Vicki is a world class highly experienced executive coach and undoubtedly knows and understands what makes you tick and how your thinking affects your behaviour

Kev and Vicki live and work together in the Dorset Countryside, they have 4 grown up children and are now proud grandparents, they are both authors and speakers and have spent years crafting their trade.

"We're not afraid to call you out on your own bullshit and everything we do is designed to help you make more money and have an easier life!" 

Grow your business without

 the stress, overwhelm and worry and combat the

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